I Did That A5 notelets Set of 10


Celebrate yourself and all of your achievements no matter how big or small! It's not often we take a moment to think I DID THAT! Whether you aced that project, remembered to feed the dog or just got through a rubbish day at work - write it down and CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

Write down every time you feel great about something, stick it on your fridge, leave them in random places to find later or collect them - you'll look back and be proud of what a badass human you are.

Awesome as a bit of self care or a great gift for friends or family to remind them and spread some positive vibes :)

Illustrated by me, super cute pastel drawing featuring 'You Are Your Own Lucky Charm' Cereal and 'IT ME' foam finger - you gotta cheerlead those wins!

This set is a pack of 10 A5 notelets.

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